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Terms of Use

Free Walking Tour London cannot and will not be held responsible for third party posting on its site. Blog posts and comments are not representative of the company itself.

Offensive commenting will be removed from our site and members removed for comments deemed to be abusive.

Whilst all attempts will be made to ensure that information on the website is accurate, we will not be held liable for mistakes.

Permitted Use


Reuse of information on this site including but not limited to pictures, logos, text, code and design will not be tolerated. Text added to the website by users by way of blog posts can be removed by the website team without any prior notice to the user.


Data Use


We use cookies to help the website run smoothly, by continuing to use the website, it is taken as a given that you agree to our cookies policy

Our site is secured by an SSL certificate and payments are processed by our web hosting partner and we do not keep information regarding payment details on our customers.

The data you input on our website will not be shared with third parties. We may use your data to contact you about our products from time to time. If you wish for us not to contact you, we ask that you contact us using our contact page in order for you to be removed from our mailing list.

Free Walking Tour London can be found at its registered address:

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